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Seabury smears Taborsak with outright lies in latest mailer

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Time: 8:47 AM

Dishonest Greg Seabury is at it again.

The 107th 110th 109th State Rep Republican candidate and proud member of the do-nothing Common Council just released his most dishonest mailer yet. Seems like he and Pauline Basso are attempting to use the illegal immigration card at the 11th hour for political points and while I'll expose the silliness of Basso, I want to concentrate and pick apart Seabury's garbage for now.

Here the flyer from Seabury
(click to enlarge)

Fear, smear, insult, and lie is the only thing Seabury knows. Since he can't run on his record (because he HAS NONE), he uses a hot-button knee jerk issue for political gain. Again (and I can't stress this enough), this comes from a Common Council member who has done NOTHING in regards to addressing the immigration issue in Danbury.


Now that I have that off my chest, lets take a quick look at Seabury's claims.
Seabury lie number 1: Joe Taborsak supports giving illegal immigrants our jobs through a guest worker program.

Since Seabury's source for this claim is Taborsak's website, lets take a look and see what he actually said:
Our present immigration system is clearly broken and in need of major reform. The present system of issuing visas needs to be streamlined to provide improved, faster security checks, rapid processing of applications, and reduction of the current seven year waiting period. The current waiting period encourages, not discourages illegal entry into the US. Once a visa is issued our system must be geared to monitor holders of those visas to the extent necessary to prevent abuses.

A guest worker program would satisfy the needs of business, provide a legal avenue of entry to those seeking employment, and assure that the appropriate taxes were being collected. We need to hold employers responsible for complying with the law to ensure that small businesses have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.
Once you actually look at Taborsak's comment you can easily see how Seabury is misleading the public. Cherry-picking Taborsak's claim is an insult to voters as his only goal is to simply get a knee-jerk reaction from voters who might not be fully informed on Taborsak's position. Instead of countering Taborsak's proposal with...his OWN idea, Seabury takes the low road with lying. Is this the type of politician you want representing you in Hartford?
Seabury lie number 2: Joe Taborsak supports using our tax dollars to pay for social services programs for illegal aliens.
Notice the buzz word illegal "alien" instead of illegal "immigrant." Seabury shamelessly used buzz words such as "alien" go give the impression that he's on the side of those who oppose illegal immigration.

Again, lets take a look at Joe Taborsak's website and see what he actually stated:
On the issue of education, both federal and state laws currently require that every child have access to an education. I support these laws and the principle behind them. The alternative to providing an education is an increase in crime and poverty which, in the long run, will cost taxpayers far more than providing children with a sound education.
Do you see the pattern now? Is this the type of politician you want representing you in Hartford?

Lets keep going...
Seabury lie number 3: Taborsak refused whether he would support giving cities like Danbury more legal authority in dealing with illegal aliens living in Danbury housing.
Okay, this is clearly dishonest and probably just made up since Seabury didn't offer a source. Let's take a simple look at Taborsak's quote. under the title called "Protecting neighborhoods."
Establish state grants for cities like Danbury to help pay the cost of curbing overcrowded and unsafe housing, which endangers lives and threatens the qualityof our neighborhoods.

This is getting too easy. Again, I ask, is this the type of politician you want representing you in Hartford?
Seabury lie number 4: Joe has flip-flopped on whether he supports federal immigration officals arresting illegal aliens in Danbury or whether the state should stop illegal aliens from having a CT driver's license
Again, Seabury is just making stuff up and shows that he doesn't understand state law. For one, illegal immigrants CAN NOT GET A DRIVER'S LICENSE. The law clearly states only LEGAL residents can obtain a driver's license. The real problem is the loop-holes in the licensing requirements and Taborsak CLEARLY states this on his site under the title Close licensing loopholes
Stop the abuse of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles licensing requirements.

Typical Republican smear tactic...fear and smear. And this comes from a teacher.

Honestly, Seabury is probably one of the worst candidates I've seen in Danbury (and trust me, that's saying a lot). His history is filled with wonderful moments such as when he attempted to run in the 107th district although he didn't live in the 107th, getting destroyed by Bob Godfrey in two elections in the 110th, then in a move Republicans like to call "carpetbagging" trying his luck in the 109th.

Positioning himself as Mr. illegal immigration (although he NEVER talked about the tpoic until last month), Seabury is attempting to avoid talking about his lack of a record by smearing Taborsak as much as possible. It makes you wonder why he wouldn't just simply talk about his political record and leave it at that. What is he avoiding...the fact that he HAS no record?

It's simple, look beyond Seabury's rhetoric and examine his record. Take a look at the Common Council minutes and check how many times Seabury addressed immigration in a proposal. I'll spare you the trouble...the answer is ZERO.

Taborsak's mailer says it best.

DON'T BE FOOLED! Seabury is nothing more than a rubber-stamp Boughton Republican who hasn't a record to stand on. He has moved from district to district trying to get elected State Rep for years and his latest mailer is simply an attempt to throw anything at the wall and see what sticks. With less than a week till election day, Seabury gets desperate knowing that it doesn't matter whether or not his claims about Taborsak are true (I just exposed lie in the mailer). What matters is Seabury giving the impression that Taborsak doesn't care about illegal immigration while ignoring his inaction in addressing the issue while a member of the Common Council.

This reminds me of something Connecticut AFL-CIO John Olsen said recently in Danbury:

Seabury is nothing more than a political oppurtunist and is doing everything to avoid his own political record such as when he voted to give the BRT corporation free sewer hook-ups for their 500+ massive condo development and the residents of the complex a seven-year tax abatement.

Taking a quote from the GOP playbook, "never trust a carpetbagger."

UPDATE make sure you check out my original post on regarding Seabury's desperate political tactics.

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