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Nine years strong

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Time: 8:01 PM

On this day nine years ago, HatCityBLOG was born.

A special round of thanks to my faithful readership...without your support, this site would not be possible.

Wait till you see what I have in store for the next year!!!

Danbury Registrar of Voters' primary coverage coming soon

Friday, July 18, 2014
Time: 4:17 PM

In August, while Republicans across the state will cast their vote in several state-wide primary races, in Danbury, Democrats in the city will have an opportunity to decide who will be the party's Registrar of Voters representative.

In a race that gathering attention among the politicos in the city, starting next week, I'll start providing coverage of the race between incumbent Marge Gallo and the Democratic Town Committee endorsed candidate Susan Ward.

Stay tuned...

Activists set up encampment at City Hall to bring attention to Boughton's failed homelessness policy

Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Time: 10:10 AM

On Sunday, advocates and activists led by former State Rep. Lynn Taborsak returned their in their tents to City Hall to bring attention to Mayor Mark Boughton's failed homelessness policy.

Since the introduction of Mayor Boughton's highly promoted ten year plan to end homelssness, since the introduction of the mayor's plan, the homelessness problem has increased. Taborsak plans to cast a light on Boughton's failed policy and renew efforts to assist the city's most vulnerable residents.


Once again former State Representative Lynn Taborsak is taking the issue of homelessness to the front steps of City Hall for a protest that calls for action on the City’s 10 Year Plan to end homelessness.

According to the latest Point in Time count, there are 122 single homeless adults in the city and only 37 emergency shelter beds are available. “ It’s a humanitarian crisis and it has gone on for too long”, stated Taborsak. “I hope that this protest will both make the problem more visible and result in more community support for finally getting some action”.

“When you see the people and organizations that developed the plan for Mayor Boughton in 2005, you see the “Who’s Who” of civic responsibility. Where are these people now? Why have they allowed the city to abandon the heart of the plan - a laudable goal to provide 275 units of new permanent housing”.

The protest will conclude on Sunday, July 13th and protestors will present their petitions calling for action to the City Council before the August meeting. “There is a new plan in the works to end chronic homelessness that will be presented to the Danbury Housing Partnership this September,” stated Taborsak. “Let’s make sure we have a plan that will really provide Danbury’s homeless with a safe, stable place to rebuild their lives.”


On the night of January 29, 2014, volunteers in Danbury conducted the annual HUD Point-In-Time count to determine the number of individuals living without a safe, stable place to call home.

This year Danbury counted 148 people: 18% were in families with children and 82% were single adults.

Since 2009, the Point-In-Time count statewide has fallen by 4% but the number here in Danbury has increased by 17%.

This year Danbury had the largest proportion of single homeless adults of any region in the state. Danbury has seen a 34% increase in homeless single adults since 2009.

Single homeless adults don’t qualify for low-income or moderate rental family housing at Laurel Gardens, Eden Drive, Mill Ridge or Fairfield Ridge.

Single homeless adults don’t qualify for elderly housing until they reach 62 years of age.

Danbury’s private rental market is much more expensive than the state’s average, making rental housing here deeply unaffordable for very low income individuals. The fair market rent for an efficiency apartment in Danbury is $1022 and $1165 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Owners of private rental housing will often reject homeless applicants because of poor credit, no credit, no recent rental history or misdemeanor violations, including loitering, breach of peace, panhandling and failure to appear.

If we use the 2014 Point-In-Time data which usually under-represents the actual level of homelessness, there are 122 single homeless adults in Danbury who have no safe, stable place to live.

The City Shelter provides 20 emergency beds year round to 5 women and 15 men over the age of 18 who have a state issued photo I.D. and meet other criteria. That leaves 102 homeless adults with no safe, stable place to stay.

Dorothy Day provides 17 beds year-round. However, from June 1st until October 1st, guests who have stayed more than 30 days since January 1st are not allowed to stay at Dorothy Day even if beds are available. There are 55 different single homeless adults with more than 30 days who cannot stay at Dorothy Day for 4 months. They have no safe, stable place to stay.

The Jericho Shelter on Maple Avenue is open for 6 months of the year from November 15th until April 15th. It has 16 beds for men and provided 2075 bed nights for the 2013-2014 shelter season.

The First Congregational Church Shelter across from City Hall has 26 beds and provided 3498 bed nights this season for men and women.

As a community, we must insist that thirty-seven emergency shelter beds do not meet the local need for safe, secure shelter for Danbury’s homeless adults. We must increase the number of year-round beds and begin to develop the supportive housing called for in 2005 in the Mayor’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

It’s time to move forward using the principles of Housing First. Provide people with housing quickly without income or sobriety requirements. Offer services that promote housing stability and personal well-being. Set goals for reducing homelessness among single adults and measure your progress. Prioritize housing assistance based on a vulnerability index. Identify your successes and share them with the community.

This September, the Danbury Housing Partnership will receive the draft of a new plan to end homelessness. It will need input and support from the community or it will fail to achieve the results that we all want…a future where everyone has a home.

Please comment on the plan at its public hearing so that it can be modified and improved if necessary. Please support the final plan if it has merit to the City Council which must give its approval later this fall. Please volunteer to attend meetings of the Danbury Housing Partnership to monitor the plans progress.

No one should be without a safe, stable place to call home.

Today is a sad day for journalism in Danbury

Friday, June 27, 2014
Time: 6:05 PM

Today is a very sad day for journalism in Danbury...and local reporting will NEVER be the same.

Last night, while covering the budget fiasco in Bethel, I learned that three well-respected veteran journalists, Eileen Fitzgerald, John Pirro, and Bob Miller, are leaving the Danbury News-Times at the end of the week.

Words can not express how sadden I am to hear that three remarkable and irreplaceable writers will be no longer working for a newspaper which is more known for their ever-shrinking coverage of local news in Greater Danbury.

When it came to educational matters or coverage of events in Bethel, to say that Fitergerald was the go to beat reporter would be an understatement. After the local newspaper, the Bethel Beacon, folded, Fitzgerald became the only source of coverage of the town's happenings...and given the lack of proper coverage on the happenings in Bethel, her departure will be a great loss. In terms of educational matters, Fitzgerald provided readers with an inside view of the workings within the Danbury Board of Education. Although I was at times critical of her coverage, Fitzgerald's reporting provided parents a much needed view into what was right and wrong with educational matters in Danbury.

When it comes to court reporting, no one did it better than John Pirro...no one.

From the rape case against anti-immigrant hate group co-founder John McGowan, the child sex abuse case against Tony Grant, to the manslaughter case against landlord Joe DaSilva, Pirro covered it all and did it with a level of professionalism that is lacking in newsrooms of today. Pirro and I worked along side each other on a countless court cases and I can't see any scenario where the News-Times can replace him with someone with the same level of journalistic integrity and passion.

Robert Miller...his amazing writings speak for itself. There's not enough compliments I can heap upon him for what he has done in terms of supporting great causes in the area such as the AIDS project. His presence in Danbury will be missed by many who are grateful that he bought attention to their causes.

These journalist come from the old school of reporting, which is definitely missed in our current opinionated world of journalism. In the end, the residents of Danbury lost three of their finest reporters and the News-Times will never be the same again.

Controversy at Kennedy Park?

Time: 1:53 PM

Seems like our dishonest part-time mayor has some explaining to do regarding the renovations done to Kennedy Park...stay tuned (and prepare to be outraged)!

Kevin Rennie spills the beans on what really happened between Boughton and Somers

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Time: 9:52 AM

Today, the Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie gleefully wrote the obituary for Mark Boughton's laughable campaign for governor and provided his readership a glimpse of the behind-the-scene details regarding the real reason behind the breakup between Danbury's part-time mayor and his former running mate Heather Somers.

Meanwhile, the week brought an end to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton's five-year quest to become governor. Boughton's decision to withdraw from the Republican primary race was a merciful one, saving him further embarrassment in a campaign marked by little other than missteps.

Boughton could not raise the $250,000 in small contributions required to qualify for $1.4 million in public financing for the August nominating primary. The first running mate he thought would help him reach that crucial threshold, Heather Bond Somers of Groton, decided to go it alone after getting to know Boughton on the campaign trail.

Rumors of Somers being turned off and appalled after learning the REAL Mark Boughton's short-tempered, arrogant persona has been circulating around the political watering hole for some time...and given this mayor's past examples of his public hissy fits, it's fair to say that Rennie's assessment is accurate.

As a parting shot, Rennie also had this to say about Boughton's pathetic inability to mobilize people to his cause although he's been running for governor for the last five years!

Boughton's substitute ticket mate, Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, was unable to collect the 8,000 signatures he needed to get on the primary ballot. That failure showed there was little heft to the Boughton-Lauretti ticket. Both Boughton and Lauretti have been in politics for many years. Their inability to deploy loyal volunteers to collect the signatures to get Lauretti on the ballot and keep Boughton in the race suggested neither understands the imperatives of surviving the crunch.

Boughton withdrew from the race Wednesday afternoon and endorsed the candidate he is known to disparage often: Tom Foley. Boughton was Foley's 2010 running mate, and each got a heaping dose of the other. That was ignored Wednesday as Boughton's prospects in state politics were laid to rest.

From his inability to raise his name recognition (although he's been running for governor for the last five years), his inability to keep his short-tempered, arrogant true colors in check, his now famous ability to flip-flop on any issue for political purposes, and the fact that Danbury's most dishonest elected official is out of his league when it comes to running for state-wide office, from the moment Boughton decided to throw his hat back into the race for governor his campapign was doomed.

When it comes to your failed and pathetic campaign falling to pieces, Boughton only have himself to blame.

Kevin Rennie sounds alarm bells over GOP Registrar of Voters Mary Ann Doran

Friday, June 13, 2014
Time: 1:34 PM

As the Mark Boughton's laughable gubernatorial campaign continue to cringe as more of their petitions are marked invalid, Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie joins the increasing numbers of political analysis and lawmakers who are extremely skeptical with Danbury GOP Registrar of Voters Mary Ann Doran given her extremely controversial past.

Not all registrars of voters are the same. Some have spent years in the dark side of politics and bear watching. Danbury’s Mary Ann Doran is one of those. She’ll be overseeing the critical count of signatures on the petitions Republican lieutenant governor hopeful Mark Lauretti’s campaign submitted in running mate Mark Boughton’s hometown. Read about Doran here. Mercy, what a history.

The Danbury signatures take center stage as the Boughton-Lauretti ticket has been buffeted by a damaging number of rejected signatures. Waterbury, Brookfield, and Shelton (Lauretti’s hometown) have identified large numbers of invalid signatures for a campaign that left itself little room for error in the count. If the rejected signatures continue at this pace, even Boughton favorite Doran will be helpless to save her benefactor.

Without Lauretti’s fundraising talent, Boughton will have have little chance of raising the $250,000 in small contributions he needs to qualify for public financing and mount a competitive campaign for the August 12th Republican primary.

Given the fact that rejected signatures continue to rack up, and the importance of signatures from Danbury, if one's past is an indication of future behavior, EVERYONE should be concerned with the activities of Doran.

Tom Foley would be wise to have monitors track Doran's petition verification process and have lawyers on standby when they find a hint of wrongdoing from the woman who is considered the most controversial figure in the political history of Danbury.

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