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The case against Tom Bennett goes mainstream

Thursday, August 16, 2007
Time: 12:59 PM

Welcome those who arrived here after reading the article on this blog in this week's Fairfield Weekly. You can find all of Tom "BigT(o)d" Bennett's greatest hits in my special report section on the right hand side of this site. After watching the clips, please feel free to send Comcast your thoughts about removing Bennett on the airwaves.

Dave King: Comcast Head Coordinator:
Phone: 203-792-1265
Email: Dave_King@cable.comcast.com

Candiann Roswell: Comcast Coordinator:
Phone: 203-792-1265
Email: Candiann_Roswell2@cable.comcast.com

Remember when I stated that HatCityBLOG was going to the mainstream...well, that time is NOW.

This week's Fairfield Weekly, reporter Nick Keppler examines the crusade to remove hate-speech from television and pretty much rips Bennett to shreds.
"I am only so happy that I only got one son left that needs to find himself a woman, and you bet your ass he better not come home with a Mexican; he better not come home with one of these gwats. Because I'll tell you what, I'll kick his ass and along with that, they'll find her in the river somewhere."
—Tom "Big T" Bennett, Feb. 23, 2007

This is some of the late-night chatter Comcast subscribers in and around Danbury can take in Friday nights when Big T's Talk and Variety Show airs on public access Channel 23. The burly Tom Bennett, his stone-faced sidekick John McGowan and an off-camera cohort known as "Bones" have made comments insinuating that they support mob violence against illegal immigrants, among other questionable, to say the very least, remarks.

Those outside the viewing area can log onto HatCityBLOG and see a few greatest hits packages put together by Danbury's Al Robinson, aka, ctblogger. Armed with a Tivo, video-editing software and a YouTube account, Robinson is putting pressure on Comcast to send Big T packing.

"I can't sit here in good conscience when someone in Danbury is calling for immigrants to be shot in the street, using racial slurs and explicit language towards a 15-year-old girl," says Robinson, who began blogging to cover Ned Lamont's senate run. "They are abusing the very right that I am giving them as a subscriber to Comcast."

As the article continues, we revisit the infamous "firebomb the HISPANIC CENTER" episode and former executive director of the Danbury Hispanic Center Maria Cinta-Lowe is quoted as stating the obvious...
On the same Feb. 23 broadcast, Bennett said, "We got to get this Cinta-Lowe"—Maria Cinta-Lowe, then executive director of the Danbury Hispanic Center—"out of that job, out of Danbury." Bones then chimed in, "People are going to start fire-bombing that center! Oh, I've heard it on the streets; it's not my idea."

"I don't know what word I would find for him," says Cinta-Lowe, now retired. "It's difficult to describe a man full of hate." After a brief deliberation, she declares, "He's a terrible bigot."

According to several people, Bennett and his whack-pack went into freak-out mode once contacted by the Weekly. Vice President of Elise Marciano's anti-immigration group, John McGowan pathetically attempted to backtrack from his call for residents to kill members of the immigrant community, THEN after babbling to the reporter, attempted to threaten the paper with a lawsuit if his words were used in the story. On the other hand, our favorite hate-monger tough guy ran under his bed with his thumb in his mouth and refused to be interviewed (after repeated calls from the paper).
We contacted Big T sidekick John McGowan, vice president of the Danbury chapter of Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, to ask him about the following: On a May 18 show, as Bennett screamed "Shoot 'em!" referring to undocumented immigrants, McGowan said, "Everybody should do exactly what they would do if somebody broke into their own house."

McGowan didn't want to talk—or at least he didn't have much to say.

"You should protect your country because it's what you call home just as you protect your apartment because it's what you call home," McGowan explained. "Now, when someone breaks into your house, it may be different than when someone breaks into someone else's house; the scenarios are always different." But he refused to say whether or not it would warrant violence.
Don't worry John, the video doesn't lie and anyone who watches the footage KNOWS exactly what you were talking about.

McGowan then demanded that someone from the Weekly go on the show and said we couldn't use anything he said in the interview (a request we obviously ignored). Bennett left one voice message with the Weekly responding to an interview request but stopped calling after we talked to McGowan.

As a special treat, the Fairfield Weekly took things up a notch and examined Bennett's YouTube(YT) video classics that has made him the laughing stock among YT subscribers.
Bennett and McGowan have accused Robinson of twisting their words, but Bennett doesn't need a blogger to make him look bad. He himself posted a clip from the show on his YouTube account (bigtprd) in which he blames the influx of Ecuadorian workers into Danbury on "Jewish slave-owners" and, in a rant exclusive to his YouTube account, ponders "Now, what's wrong with taking a nice long needle and shoving it through the skull, into the brain, inserting some kind of a chemical to activate something in that disgusting little brain of homosexuals to bring them to being right in this amazing world?" Abba's "Dancing Queen" plays in the background as he makes this outburst. In more subdued clips that Bennett uploaded, he banters about whether or not a bandana is a hat and reads Bible verses.

Now, what did Bennett and his whack-pack have to say about being called up by the Weekly...well, you have to see the lies to believe it.

Ah, so now BigT is being picked up by the LA Times, the Globe, and all over Massachusetts? Hmm, lets do a Google search and check for ourselves.

Tom Bennett LA Times= 0 results

Tom Bennett BigT LA Times
= 0 results

Tom Bennett Boston Globe= 0 results

Tom Bennett BigT Boston Globe
= 0 results

Hmm, maybe we're missing something. Lets make the search easier...

Tom Bennett BigT= 0 results

Wow, that's strange...I couldn't find the local hate-monger in ANY of the newspapers he proclaimed on his show.

Oh, it isn't like the BigTurd to lie on camera...is it (Grey Wolves, suing me, accusing me of lying about the words that come out of his mouth, going live on the internet, denying that he didn't advocate residents shoot immigrants, denying that he used an sexually explicit remark with a fifteen year-old girl on camera, stating that he's going to make citizens arrests and capture illegal immigrants in Danbury, etc, etc, etc, etc).

Keep digging that hole for yourself Turd Blossom.


Overall, it's a pretty good article that further exposes the xenophobia and bigotry behind those who claim to be only against "illegal" immigrants.

As time goes forward, we here at HatCityBLOG will continue our quest to remove this "individual", and his goons, from the airwaves for good. Bennett, McGowan, and the coward named "Bones" are prime examples of the real intent of those in the anti-immigrant movement. They're about one thing, and one thing only...hatred.
In recent shows, Bennett has said he'd soften his approach, but Robinson isn't backing down. "I just want Comcast to enforce its rules," he said, adding that he had a meeting with a "very receptive" cable advisory board. Bennett has also mentioned Robinson, who is black, on his show.

"Let me tell you something," he said. "The spook is not going to take me out without me going out in glory."

Although there is no law against being a bigot BUT there are laws against using inciteful, sexually explicit, and profane language on the airwaves. As Americans, we can not, and should not, tolerate individuals that use the airwaves to promote their violent agenda against another race of people.

As a final note, again I want to thank you the reader for making this all possible. without you voicing your complaints to Comcast, Bennett would probably still be up to his old tricks. Now, the foul-mouth bigot is neutered and his show is being examined closely by Comcast execs who probably would mind getting rid of this headache for good. In due time, Bennett, McGowan, and "Bones" will regret the day they decided to abuse the rules and regulations of Comcast and we will continue every effort to being attention to Bennett, McGowan, and Bone's unlawful remarks against members of the immigrant community.

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