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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Time: 4:07 PM


One can't scream for the government to "enforce the law" and then stubbornly refuses to
follow the rules and regulations of Comcast.
Instead of doing the right thing and adhere to Comcast's policy, you and your cohorts abused the privilege of being on local access...a privilege I gave you as a subscriber of Comcast Cable as a portion of MY cable bill goes towards the local access television.
• I don't care about how many people you trained who went on to do their own shows.

• I don't care about how long you've been on the air.

• I don't care how you feel about immigration.

• I don't care how you feel about homosexuality.

• I don't care how you feel about Jewish people.

• I don't care about you reading scripture.

• I don't care about your crusade to prove that people don't have to pay taxes.

• I don't care how you feel about me.

What I DO care about are individuals who are on public access (during the time when children and young adults can be watching) that think that they're above the rules and policy of Comcast, repeatedly advocate on air that residents kill members of the immigrant community, can't control themselves from using indecent and profane language on a show that's broadcast outside the border of the "safe harbor" zone, then have the audacity to claim that the entire episode was a set up from people who want to censor his viewpoint.


You, McGowan, Bones, "Frank from Bethel, James Yorks, and the rest of your whack-pack can cry and scream about free speech all you want...this had nothing to do with free speech BUT with an individual who thought HE was above the law.

You can't scream fire in a movie theater and you sure as hell can't state repeatedly that members of the immigrant community be SHOT on the air. It was YOU who broke the rules and regulations of Comcast, which resulted in correctly labeling your program as "adult programming" and ultimately sealed your fate. If you would have simply followed the very rules which with agreed to adhere to in your contract, none of this would have happened.

In short, you, McGowan, and "Bones" made your beds, so sleep well.


I'll get everyone up to date on everything that happened, including my reaction to Bennett's defenders (James "the so-called host with the most" Yorks, McGowan, and...Lynn Waller) who repeatedly LIED on last night's show, as well as the poetic ending to the Big T's run on Comcast.

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On September 26, 2007, ten plaintiffs filed suit in response to an arrest of aday laborers at a public park in Danbury, Connecticut. Plaintiffs amended their complaint on November 26, 2007.

The amended complaint states that plaintiffs sought to remedy the continued discriminatory and unauthorized enforcement of federal immigration laws against the Latino residents of the City of Danbury by Danbury's mayor and its police department.

Plaintiffs allege that the arrests violated their Fourth Amendment rights and the Connecticut Constitution because defendants conducted the arrests without valid warrants, in the absence of exigent circumstances, and without probable cause to believe that plaintiffs were engaged in unlawful activity. In addition, plaintiffs allege that defendants improperly stopped, detained, investigated, searched and arrested plaintiffs. Plaintiffs also allege that defendants violated their Fourteenth Amendment rights when they intentionally targeted plaintiffs, and arrested and detained them on the basis of their race, ethnicity and perceived national origin. Plaintiffs raise First Amendment, Due Process and tort claims.

Plaintiffs request declaratory relief, damages and attorneys fees.



Danbury Area Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants v.
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
3:06-cv-01992-RNC ( D. Conn. )

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Barrera v. Boughton, No. 07-01436
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Amended complaint

Defendants' Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Defendants' Motion to Dismiss State Law Claims

Plaintiffs' Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

Order on Motion to Dismiss

Defendants' Answer to Amended Complaint

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