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Friday night with Mitt (and the Mormons)

Friday, December 07, 2007
Time: 7:36 PM

I found this tid-bit of humor from DailyKOS regarding Mark Nielsen's Mark Boughton's number one man:
Mitt Romney fields questions after his big speech yesterday:

Reporter: So Joseph Smith put the golden plates in a hat?

Romney: Well, I really don’t want to get into all the nuts and bolts about...

Reporter: And he translated what was on the plates with what, again?

Romney: The Urim and Thummim.

Reporter: Can you spell that?

Romney: No. Look, the point is that religion and politics should never be...

Reporter: And the angel Macaroni told him where the plates were?

Romney: Moroni! It's the Angel Moroni! And I really don’t see why...

Reporter: Did anyone else see these gold plates?

Romney: Look, guys, this is getting way off-topic, and...

Reporter: Isn’t it odd that Joseph Smith put the plates in a hat...then read the words on the plates to a transcriber...who was writing behind a curtain...and then Smith buried the plates so there's no independent verification that they ever existed?

Romney: Oh, they exist, pal...they exist! And if you say one more goddam word about...

Reporter: Hey, you're not supposed to swear!

Romney: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just... I just want to talk about why my faith won’t interfere with my being president, is all. So if I could just say...

Reporter: Now, your church considered blacks to be cursed during its first 150 years. So when that position was reversed recently, in 1978, was there an adjustment period where it was like, Hey, this is a little freaky...

Romney: No!

Reporter: Like, Hey, get outta my chair! Oops, I forgot, you're on our team now...

Romney: I'm not answering that!

Reporter: Governor Romney, about the Planet Kobol. As president would you have NASA send some sort of a probe to explore the surface of...

Romney: That's it! We're done here.

Reporter: Would you say your magic underw...er, sacred garments are in a twist?

Romney: God, I need a drink... Of water! Of water!


NOTE: For more information on the Mormon's love for African-Americans (a.k.a. the cursed children of Cain), click here.

On a more serious matter, Kos posted this open letter directed at Romney from Bill Mefford, Director of Civil and Human Rights for the United Methodist Church Board of Church and Society.
Dear Mr. Romney,

In your speech yesterday you made some profound statements of belief that eloquently displayed your devotion to the tenets of Christian faith. You described how as a child your parents taught you to “honor God and love my neighbor.” Did your parents also teach you that the best way to honor God and love your neighbor is to build fences on the southern border in order to keep Latinos out of the country?

You said yesterday that you believe strongly that every person has “inherent and inalienable worth” and that “every single human being is a child of God – we are all part of the human family.” Why then do you repeatedly demonize some members of your human family by calling them illegal and insist that they have no basic human or civil rights?

You went on to speak of the fact that since we are all part of a common human family, we are responsible to one another, “to every child of God.” Am I to suppose that undocumented migrants are not children of God because you deny them any possible path to citizenship – any opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and take appropriate steps to legalize their status?

Lastly, in acknowledging that “Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind” shouldn’t you also acknowledge that Jesus incarnated himself among migrants in such a profound way that to welcome the stranger is to welcome “the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind?” (Matthew 25) Do you welcome the stranger – the incarnated “Son of God” – by arresting, detaining, and deporting the stranger?

Mr. Romney, I do wish that the eloquence with which you spoke yesterday actually had substance in your treatment of our migrant brothers and sisters. All of us – undocumented immigrants included – are indeed children of God. Isn’t it time that our statements of religious belief become realized in our actions and national policies?
Don't expect a response from Mitty any time soon...

UPDATE 2:For those who need a refresher into the insane origins of the Mormon religion, this video just about covers everything you need to know about this dredful religion (and why Mitt Romney is the last person you want as President of ANYTHING).

(hat tip to CTBlue for the videoclip)

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