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The village idiot strikes again...insults Public Works Department (and everyone's intelligence)

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Time: 2:23 PM

Basso_CloudShe's at it again!

Danbury's infamous xenophobe Pauline Basso brought a new sense of rejoice and happiness to all the members of the Common Council this week. Not because the former Majority Leader and well known bigot spoke in front of the Common Council during Monday's Public Hearing but because the members of the council no longer had to put up with her moronic bullshit.

Lets talk about the latest ramblings from the old woman who take up most of her day yelling at clouds...

During Monday's public hearing an ordinance that will impose a fine on homeowners who snow removal services place snow into the street, Basso had the audacity to insult the public works department by LYING suggesting that when snow plowers go by her street, that they drive too fast and throw snow from the street onto her porch.

I'm not kidding folks, she actually said this and as you can expect, her remarks were not well received by the members of the council...nor was it received well be the member of the Council or the head of the public works department Antonia Iadarola.


Now, Iadrola had good reason to be a tad pissed off...Basso was showboating for the camera as well as LYING her ass off.

Look, anyone who knows anything about Basso KNOWS DAMN WELL that if any snow from a snowplower from the city hit any part of Basso's porch, she would have been the first person calling Iadrola complaining about it. Hell, I bet if you check the records of the Public Works or Police Department, Basso's name would be near the top of the list when it comes to some type of complaint.

As Iadrola stated, it's a FAR stretch to think that a loud-mouth dolt like Basso would wait months after the winter season to complain about snow on her porch...and to only make this complaint during a public hearing in front of the numerous cameras that were recording the hearing (the meeting will be broadcast on Danbury Live tonight at 7:00).

For Basso to insult the the hard workers of the public works department that work their asses off keeping the streets clear of snow during the winter storms is not only an insult to the department, but an insult to everyone's intelligence.

Let's look at a couple of images that proves that Pauline is full of shit.

The first image is a satellite shot of Basso's street (Hoyt) and house (numebr 8). If you look at the map, you can clearly see that Pauline's house is near the end of the street where Hoyt intersects with Rose Hill.


Now here's an image of her house, yard, and street.


...and another shot of her house (mark on red), porch (marked in blue) and street. In the shot, you can see how close her house is to the intersection of Hoyt and Rose Hill.

Okay, now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to come to these conclusions:
  • In order for the snow plow trucks to hit Basso's porch, they would have to throw the snow at least 15 feet from the street in order to hit her porch. This would require a good deal of speed.

  • Based on the images ALONE, the snow plow trucks have to DECELERATE NOT ACCELERATE as they go by Basso's house since they're coming to the end of the street.

  • The chances of plowers throwing snow over 15 feet on a secondary road with such a small area to decelerate is VERY REMOTE if not impossible.

  • Even if there were a chance that this could happen (and trust me, it didn't happen) someone with a mouth like Basso would be the first to complain (remember, this is a person who WAS on the Common Council).

  • If the plowers hit Basso's house, they would have hit other homes on the road as well...hmm, why didn't anyone else complain of snow hitting their homes? Remember, the director of public works clearly stated that this was the FIRST TIME HE'S EVER HEARD OF SUCH A COMPLAINT FROM BASSO

Trust me folks, Basso is simply full of shit and should be ashamed of herself. Now, I'll admit at being somewhat critical at the snow removal during a fast moving blast of snow last year but that pales in comparison to the outlandish crap spewed out of Basso's mouth on Monday. Fortunately, after her emails were exposed to the public, it's fair to assume that most people (including most of the council who rolled their eyes during Basso's rant) will just think that this is just more par for the course from Danbury's village idiot.

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