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FLASHBACK: McLachlan chastised by Democrats and Republicans for introducing anti-gay legislation

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Time: 12:52 PM


As I stated in an earlier post, it is a real shame that the Democratic nominee for the 24th district State Senate seat and the town committees that make up that particular district haven't pointed out Mike McLachlan's horribly offensive record at the Capitol.

Because of the lack of media coverage at the Capitol, most people don't have a clue of what their state lawmakers are doing on their behalf. Fortunately, I've been able to cover the activities at the Capitol and in the opinion of state lawmakers on both side of the political spectrum, McLachlan is the most far right extreme politician in Hartford.

In order to give you a better understanding of what the State Senator for the 24th district has actually done at the Capitol, here's a post originally posted back in 2009 that highlights one of McLachlan's darkest moments...a moment where he was chastised by Democrats and Republicans for introducing a piece of legislation that can only be described as anti-gay and highly offensive.

Originally posted Apr 9 2009:

During the CT General Assembly judiciary committee's debate on the implementation of equal protection for same sex couples, State Senator Mike McBlockhead McLachlan offered one of the most offensive amendments ever drafted this session...an amendment which can only be described as homophobic.

To: Raised Bill 899

Offered by Sen. McLachlan (JUD)


Strike section 17 and insert the following in lieu thereof:

Section 17: Section 46a-81r of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof: (Effective from passage)

Sec. 46a-81r. Sexual orientation discrimination: Construction of statutes.

Nothing in sections 4a-60a, 45a-726a, 46a-51, 46a-54, 46a-56, 46a-63, 46a-64b, 46a- 65, 46a-67, 46a-68b and 46a-81a to 46a-81q, inclusive, subsection (e) of section 46a-82, subsection (a) of section 46a-83, and sections 46a-86, 46a-89, 46a-90a, 46a- 98, 46a-98a and 46a-99 shall be deemed or construed (1) to mean the state of Connecticut condones homosexuality or bisexuality or any equivalent lifestyle, (2) to authorize the promotion of homosexuality or bisexuality in educational institutions or require the teaching in educational institutions of homosexuality or bisexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, (3) to authorize or permit the use of numerical goals or quotas, or other types of affirmative action programs, with respect to homosexuality or bisexuality in the administration or enforcement of the provisions of sections 4a~60a, 45a-726a, 46a-51, 46a-54, 46a-56, 46a-63, 46a- 64b, 46a-65, 46a-67, 46a-68b and 46a-81a to 46a-81q, inclusive, subsection (e) of section 46a-82, subsection (a) of section 46a-83, and sections 46a-86, 46a-89, 46a- 90a, 46a-98, 46a-98a and 46a-99,[ (4) to authorize the recognition of or the right of marriage between persons of the same sex, or (5)] or (4) to establish sexual orientation as a specific and separate cultural classification in society.

In a nutshell, what McLachlan was attempting to do is re-introduce legislation that's in direct conflict with the State Supreme Court's ruling in the case of Supreme Court’s decision in Kerrigan v. Department of Public Health...the landmark case that extended the same protections married heterosexual couples receive to same-sex couples.

And as in the case of my previous post, McLachlan's decision in offering his ill-conceived amendment (as well as his eventual opposition to adhere to the court's decision by codifying the state Supreme Court’s decision, was based exclusively on his religious beliefs (as opposed to representing the will of his constituents in the 24th district):

McLachlan Press Release:
Hartford, CT – State Senator Michael McLachlan (R-Danbury) cast a vote last week in opposition to SB 899: An Act Implementing the Guarantee of Equal Protection Under the Constitution of the State for Same Sex Couples. The bill, which passed in the Senate by a vote of 28 to 7, extends the protections under law given to married heterosexual couples to same-sex couples by codifying the state Supreme Court’s decision in Kerrigan v. Department of Public Health. The bill does so by repealing current law which defines marriage as solely between a man and woman and declares that the public position of the State of Connecticut is no longer limited to marriage between a man and a woman. Prior to the Kerrigan decision, gay and lesbian couples in Connecticut were able to obtain civil union status. SB 899 repeals the civil union statutes effective October 1, 2010.

“While I fully recognize and respect the desire of those in same-sex relationships to express and celebrate their union, I do not believe their personal choices should be imposed by the courts on those with strongly-held religious beliefs to the contrary,” said Senator McLachlan. “The decision on this emotional issue made by the Supreme Court in October, 2008 allowing same-sex marriage was a decision that should instead have been placed in the hands of the residents of Connecticut and by extension the General Assembly, not the other way around.”

As you'll read, McLachlan's stance that the decision on same-sex marriage be "placed in the hands of the residents of Connecticut" is red herring and a dishonest attempt to provide cover to express his personal/religious viewpoint over the will of the people. Thankfully, this disgraceful and demeaning amendment from The Family Institute of Connecticut's favorite elected official was slapped down...by Democrats and Republicans.

Watch and listen as members chastise McLachlan for offering such a bigoted and mean spirited amendment.

McLachlan is making a name for himself at the State Capitol...and not in a good way. Instead of running on the promises he made during his campaign, Mayor Boughton's former chief of staff has pretty much done nothing but launch personal attacks against fellow lawmakers, belittle members of the public, or lie while attempting to ram his offensive anti-gay dogma down the throats of the majority of the public who don't agree with him.

As for the public's TAKE on the issue of same sex marriage that McLachlan brought up in his press release. Case in point, here's a Q-poll from 12/17/08.

Connecticut voters support 52 - 39 percent, with 9 percent undecided, the State Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the state, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Given three choices, 43 percent of voters say same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, while 39 percent say they should be allowed to form civil unions but not marry and 12 percent say there should be no legal recognition of same-sex unions, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Connecticut voters oppose 61 - 33 percent amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Republicans support such an amendment 49 - 46 percent, while Democrats oppose it 73 - 23 percent and independent voters oppose it 58 - 34 percent. Men oppose an amendment to ban same-sex marriage 56 - 38 percent while women oppose it 66 - 28 percent.

Although the poll (and the results of the 2008 election) CLEARLY showed that the majority of people in CT support same-sex marriage AND oppose amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, according to an interview Mr. Know-It-All did for the December 20 2008 Fairfield County Catholic newsletter, his anti-gay/homophobic viewpoint trumps everything...and he'll lie about polls results (while stating that he doesn't look at polls) to make his case.
Q: The State Supreme Court decision to legalize gay "marriage" was a devastating blow. Is there anything we can do?

McLachlan: I am opposed to gay marriage. The majority of the state legislature may have agreed with the decision of the Supreme Court, but the majority of the people in our state do not.

I don't believe in the polls, and I don't think we have lost the battle. I do believe that God Almighty has a plan that we don't see. I don't think gay marriage is the plan.

I believe that there are some technicalities in the Kerrigan decision that are yet to be discovered. There are some pretty good lawyers looking at all of this. And it is never too late to consider a constitutional amendment. There are being passed all over the country. Who would have ever believed in a million years that California would have passed one?

As you can see, when faced with the opinion of the people that he knows will be in opposition to his beliefs, McLachlan chooses himself over the people's opinion and describes his attempts to amend the state's constitution in his favor although the state's highest court ruled on the matter in question a month before his interview.

...so much for McLachlan wanting the people's voice to be heard.

Keeping an eye on elected officials that represent you in Hartford is hard work. Unless you have the time to watch CT-N, most times people are clueless to what's happening at the State Capitol, which is why McLachlan is able to run his mouth under the radar of the public. Unfortunately, it seems like McLachlan hasn't changed much from the days when he was walking the halls of City Hall "red-faced" when describing my site, commenting on yours truly, and/or lashing out against organizations that spoke up against Boughton's anti-immigrant legislation such as 287g. McLachlan's bad tempter and belittling comments are legendary in Danbury...now everyone in the state is getting a glimpse into what we in Danbury under Boughton's rule.

NOTE: Here's a sample of feedback from across the state regarding McLachlan's anti-gay crusade.
McLachlan is a real pr*ck. Seriously, a homophobic, hate-pedaling d*ck. Does he really think that it is in the best interest of the citizens to try to codify hate?

Maybe LMF [Love Makes a Family] should reconsider and stay active as long as there are backwards, scared little boys and girls in the legislature.


His bill is disgusting.....Maclachlan ought to be confronted for his homophobia

More to come...

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