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VIDEO: Watch the full version of Bob Godfey's offensive "dumping ground" statement and his latest round of excuses...

Thursday, November 03, 2016
Time: 5:13 PM

Unreal...simply unreal.

Bob Godfrey is a real piece of work. His campaign is still spinning the discredited LIE that his offensive and insensitive "dumping ground" comment was taken out of context! Here's what Godfrey's campaign said about his ugly remark and the response to his insulting rant.

Godfrey’s campaign manager accused Palmares of using the incumbent’s words out of context on purpose to twist the truth. “Anything could be misconstrued when something is cherry-picked and selectively edited to make it sound like something it isn’t,” said Joseph DaSilva Jr. “The nature of Bob’s comment is that too often the state government has treated the inner cities like that, and it is wrong, and we need to invest in them.” [...]

Godfrey on Monday responded that the Palmares ad was fashioned after the GOP’s national strategy that distorts Democratic positions and weakens voter confidence in the integrity of campaign messages.

“I am so disappointed in the way this attack ad plays fast and loose with my reputation and my career and what I stand for,” Godfrey said. “Voters are not buying this negativity and cynicism and the Republicans’ complete lack of alternative plans.”

On Tuesday night, Godfrey was a guest on WCSU's news program "Election Connection" where the shameless State Rep. for downtown Danbury continued LIE about what he said.

I call bullshit...COMPLETE bullshit. Godfery is a BOLDFACE liar because:

  • The report Godfrey cited in his after the fact excuse (Connecticut Economic Competitiveness Diagnostic Summary Results) was NEVER EVER citied or mentioned in his comment at the candidate forum. NOT AT ALL.

  • The report that Godfrey cites has NO MENTION of cities being "dumping grounds for the poor and ethnic minorities." In fact, the report is quite the opposite as the report highlight's the state's "long run of strong economic growth."
  • You can view the report here and read it for yourself...

    Since Godfrey is desperately trying to make excuses for his callous remarks AND LYING TO THE PUBLIC about the true meaning of his true feelings regarding the poor and immigrants in his district, for your viewing pleasure, here's Godfrey's COMPLETE statement. One listen to what Godfrey said and it's CRYSTAL CLEAR that he was talking about his desire that Danbury not be a "dumping ground for poor and ethnic minorities" go it would be more "attractive" to businesses.

    As you'll see in the video, Godfrey's "dumping ground" comment was NEVER taken out of context because it was out of context from the entire point he was attempting to make in the first place...in other words, Godfrey DID NOT have to make his "dumping ground" remark to make his point in his overall statement...his disgusting comment was more off of the cuff than something that was part of his original train of thought.

    No matter how many shameless excuses the State Rep. for the "poor and ethnic minorities" in Danbury utter out of his mouth, EVERYONE knows what Godfrey meant in his comment...and after nearly thirty years in office, it's painfully clear that Godfrey is COMPLETELY out of touch with a large segment of his district that he swore to represent...and hopefully those people will remember what Godfrey REALLY feels about them when they cast their vote on Election Day.


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