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The case against Tom Bennett continues: Part 1

Thursday, October 25, 2007
Time: 7:39 PM

Many of you have asked me what ever happened to your mission to have Comcast discipline Tom Bennett and his co-host (and Vice President of Elise "deer in headlights" Marciano's anti-immigrant organization) John McGowan for comments made on the BigT's Talk and Variety show.

Since it's been a while since I've commented on Danbury's biggest bigot, before we update everyone on what has transpired since the last post, here's a recap of what's been reported on this site so far.

First, lets go back and take a look at Comcast's local access rules and regulations...

From the Comcast Community Access Channel 23, Rules and regulations (effective 9.23.04).
Section C: (Community Access Producer Responsibilities), paragraph five.

The Community Access Producer must adhere to all of the Community Access rules and guidelines stated herein and is responsible for ensuring that the program and the individuals involved in the production adhere to the rules and policies as set forth in this document.

Section E: Program Content: numbers 3-5.

3. No libelous, slanderous or illegal material.

4. No obscene material, sexually explicit conduct, or material soliciting or promoting unlawful conduct.

5. No material which incites violent or harmful acts on other persons.

Page 20: Definition of Obscene or indecent material.

Any material in a program and/or presentation which would subject the producers, suppliers thereof and/or the company to prosecution or penalty under local, state, or federal law for the presentation of obscene or indecent material.

Section K: Violations, penalties, and appeals.

In order to effectively enforce all Community Rules, a penalty system for violations has been established. Violations of the rules will result in restrictions being imposed on Community Access producers who are responsible for the actions of their talent and crew members. Comcast will issue warnings and/or suspensions for either major or minor violations, and will do so verbally and/or in writing stating the nature of the violation and the penalty imposed.

1. Major violations of the rules governing Community Access will result in an immediate 90-day suspension of use of the Community Access facilities.

Now...here's a recap of Bennett violating his contract.
Violation 1, 5/04/07: Material soliciting or promoting unlawful conduct: "I think there should be snipers in the windows"

Violation 2, 05.11.07: Sexually explicit language: Would you allow an adult to talk to YOUR DAUGHTER like this?
Tom Bennett: Why would you okay a girl...why would you okay another girl eating another girl or another girl sexing another girl? [...] How would you approve that?

15 year old caller: Excus...

How would you approve a man sucking another man's p-? How would you approve that?

15 year old caller: Excuse me, excused me, by the way I'm 15 so I appreciate that you don't say those things.

Bennett: Hey I have a doctor right here with me. I'm talking medical terms. I'm talking medical terms here. You called me, I didn't call you.

15 year old caller: That's not medical terms.

Bennett: "penis" is not a medical term?

Violation 3, 5/18/07: Obscene material, material soliciting or promoting unlawful conduct, incite violent or harmful acts on other persons: Bennett and co-hosts (including Elise Marciano's anti-immigrant group Vice President John McGowan) call for people to shoot members of the immigrant community.

Now, remember, this is just a small sample of the over-the-top hate-speech Bennett, McGowan, and the coward behind the camera named "Bones" said on the air. During this whole time, Bennett issues a laundry list of racial slurs and threats against me online. Here's a transcript of an exchange I had with the moron on Youtube.
As anyone can see and hear, it was a setup by ctblogger. Also I did not call her she called the show telling the screener she was over eighteen. No rules have been broken, all within guidelines and approved. There is a nob called on off they put them on TVs. Ctblogger thank you for our ratings have gone up 30%.



1. Your so-called "screener" never ask for anyone age.

2. I don't have to "set" you up. You have no problem putting your foot in your mouth without my help.

3. She called the show yet it was YOU who used the term "eating" which is inappropriate at any age.

4. There is a contract which Comcast requires you to sign and you choose to ignore.

5. Comcast does not keep ratings.

6. Your disgusting.



isnt the appropriate term "having oral sex"? instead of "eating out"?


Yeah, Oral sex is kewl, But I do so like using eating out, It has more effect, like it is discusting, filthy, shameful, rotten, I could go on.


You really believe I'm racist? well I'm not. Just because an asshole say's it does not mean it's true. Nogger has the skin problem. You just don't want it that way. Because he is black he wants to be Al sharpton. And Knowing that should wake you up.


And nig you don't get it. I don't give a shit ass hole. Your a fucking scumbag that will get his turn. Gee, and I'm being kewl, Not even upset. And your a peice of shit. Now you must think were friends calling me Tom. You slime, you don't know me. Oh, by the way Comcast has many more letters of love the big T then your hate shit. Call Dave he'll tell you, LOL. And your day's also.


No Tom, the only asshole is you and your use of profane, indecent language on Comcast WILL come to an end. The public in Danbury have spoken in force to Comcast and your days on public access will come to an end due to your own fat mouth.



You gonna stop me here to nogger, or is that niglor,



Get it straight moron! We are from from being buddy or buddy's. scare you! why are you in the dark? Hey they can see you. oh, when you smile.



I can only hope that it will happen. I win no matter what. I'm none of what yopu claim you moron. If any of you out here do not use any type of profanty do as you will. The ones that use any type of profanity think before you condem Me. I use profanity in a tasteful way to make a point. Watch on google and then make your own decision. Don't be a follower of evil which ctblogger is.


"I use profanity in a tasteful way to make a point."

Thanks for admitting the obvious...that you use profanity against the rules and regulations of Comcast.

You should stop with the messages while you're ahead..you're digging a hole for yourself.


I have nothing to loose. I can go on for the rest of my life. What do you have? I have done that frigan show and if it is over then so be it. I will go on! And sooner or latter we meet some were, oh well! I get I what I want. And you will get what ever.


And sooner or latter we meet some were, oh well!

Is that suppose to "scare" me or something..too funny.

Keep digging that hole buddy...


You are for Homo's and illegal Immigrants and that is the only reason you are attacking me with lies. Your black and you think that is going to get you somewhere by using your racist bull crap. Let me tell you spook man, it won't. Again I say, I have had 28 wonderful years on our talkshow. If it comes to a stop, oh well, I'll be a happy camper. But, you'll still be black with a attitude towards whites.


"Let me tell you spook man"

-nuff said.

While defending his use of profanity on Comcast, while dishing out the laundry list of racial slurs and threats, Bennett jumps on his television show and continues his foul-mouthed racial rant (I thought the racial slur "spook" went out of fashion in the 60s).

I asked readers to complain to Comcast about the material on Bennett's show on June 13th, the cable company issued the Big(o)T the following written warning:

Knowing that this type of programming was inappropriate for the nine o'clock time slot, and that Bennett would ultimately ignore the warning, during the summer, I went before the cable advisory board and requested that the members deem Bennett's show "adult programming" and move the show from the current time-slot to some time after 10 P.M., which is called the safe harbor zone.

After presenting video clips from Bennett's show, the board agreed that Bennett's show was adult content and advised Comcast to move his show to a later time slot.

After a month, Comcast still allowed Bennett's show to be broadcast at the 9 P.M. time slot. Upon reading on my situation, The Fairfield Weekly did an article on the entire matter and exposed Bennett's hate-speech to the entire state.

After the article was released, Comcast said enough is enough, pulled the plug on Bennett's live show, moved his brand of broadcasting to 11:30 P.M., took away Bennett's privilege to take live calls in real time, and basically destroyed the essence of his show.

Now, that's basically brings us up to date on my post about Bennett. Later, I'll update everyone on what has happened since his live show was pulled, including a slew of insane comments by fellow local access comics Al Bruhn and Lynn Waller, a threat made against my life, the eventual showdown I had with Bennett and McGowan, and my new call for Comcast to enforce their rules and discipline Bennett once and for all.

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